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guys. guys. extermis?!

You didn’t know it’s pretty much confirmed to have Extremis as a plot point? We do have Dr. Killian and Maya Hansen as characters and all.


guys. guys. extermis?!

You didn’t know it’s pretty much confirmed to have Extremis as a plot point? We do have Dr. Killian and Maya Hansen as characters and all.

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awexomecross replied to your photoset: I’m working on a dorky art project and I got…

oic this is your thing. i just thought HARRY POTTER. because… harry’s a gryffindor.. and his patronus..is..a stag… yeah

Haha, that works too. You should tell all your friends both of these things.


Also, why do heraldic lions always look like they were drawn by someone who has never seen a real lion and is operating on third-hand information at best?

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Equalists never thought to use projectile weapons?

After watching the season finale yesterday I’ve found that my favourite thing about Avatar (Airbender and Korra both) is the world itself. I do love a lot of the characters, but the sticky pacing and insipid love triangles get in the way.

Something’s been bugging me about this world though - where the hell are all the projectile weapons? I’ve been pondering it for a while but it really became apparent during yesterday’s big battle and display of Equalist technology.

The Equalists have the technology to invent electro-gloves, bomber bi-planes and goddamn mecha-tanks, but no sign of the most rudimentary ballistic weapon?

Chi-blocking and tasering benders into submission is all very impressive, but pulling a gun on them would be much faster. I’m also no martial arts expert, but I believe it’s easier to train people to use a gun than to strike tiny pressure points while flick-flacking around someone shooting fireballs at your face.

But never mind modern firearms, how about a crossbow, even? They’ve been around since about 5th century BC, so I think Mr Sato could maybe have figured them out. Hell even very basic guns have been around in China since the 1200s.

The same goes for the other side. General Iroh’s big ole ships had big ole cannons on them, but then next step down is apparently that one earthbender we saw pathetically firing the same clay pigeon things they use in Pro Bending.  

Actually ranged weapons of any kind barely seem to exist in this world to begin with. It’s been a few years since I saw The Last Airbender now, but the only bows I ever remember seeing belonged to that one specific elite archer group, and I think one mercenary guy.

Yes this is a child-friendly show so we can’t exactly show people getting riddled with bullet holes and arrows.  But Batman: The Animated Series had ole Bats go up against tommy gun armed gangsters for 85 episodes, and I don’t recall him ever being shot to death.

Likewise, Young Justice has a whopping three heroes who fight exclusively with bows, and they’ve managed to get by with electric/gas/net/whatever-tipped trick arrows or by using the traditional pointy kind to pin people down.

If the Equalists do make a come-back next season, I have something that might make things easier for them:

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Talking Lego Batman is now my favorite Batman

Bats shows some concern about his means of travel is this preview for the new Batman Lego Game. 

I previously took the ridiculously comprehensive list of voice actors on the IMDB page for this game as fandom wish fulfillment. But no, looks like Talking Lego Batman really will star almost every voice actor I’ve ever heard of.


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